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Pool's open to public, any feedback would be much appreciated!

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>> No.84  

Yeah zerg has its own branch with custom features, closed-source it seems.
I'll try to modify stratum anyway after next maint.

>> No.85  

Due to an obsure yiimp bug, block confirmation stats were not properly updated for about 16 hours. We're fixing that now!

>> No.86  

Server's been unavailable for a day due to ISP issues. We're working on restoring the service ASAP.

>> No.87  

XMG disabled until further requests (very little demand, memory hungry wallet susceptible to random freezing).

>> No.88  

LTFN chain seems to experience stalls globally (not my fault!)

>> No.89  

Yescrypt wallets will be restarted now, please wait warmly...

>> No.90  

LTFN network seems to be on its last breath, I personally mined two last blocks and no new ones are coming for days.
It shall be considered for removal next maint.

>> No.91  

A corruption of LTFN block database was detected. Please wait warmly while the reindex is ongoing.

>> No.92  

LTFN will attempt an update at block 1858800. Mining will be disabled until it's sorted out.

>> No.93  

ANI wallet is down temporarily until a hardware glitch is resolved.
ETA: 4h.

File: 1654710844775.png -(93846 B, 512x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
93846 No.1   [Reply]

Welcome to A1chan. User board creation is enabled.
Tor: http://aonech4rac5fqmfmrmkm25xs4elqpebouuu3hfxd4w36bj6cnzhf2zid.onion/

>> No.2  


File: 1655054498258.gif -(27592 B, 125x125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
27592 No.1   [Reply]

Mewch is back!
For real this time it doesn't redirect to 8channel I promise.
We haz liveposting!
Come comfypost!

File: 1653436438606.png -(37856 B, 312x186) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
37856 No.1   [Reply]

It's ready.
8channel is back!
We have board creation and uhhh 8 files per post and uhhhh 100 mb file uploads and uhhhh.

No.1   [Reply]

Seeing only the last two Ani payments being correct into my wallet. the rest don't match amounts from pool and about 10k short.

No.1   [Reply]

There's been a few issues surfacing recently, such as:

Therefore, an extended maintenance was scheduled, to address the following:

Estimated downtime: around 2h.
The exact time will be announced on Aug 31st.

Thank you for staying with us and tolerating our horrible service :3

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>> No.35  

Wallet has been updated and withstands an online test now.
The settings were updated to properly use sendmany call and beat the old 1200 ANI max payment limit.
Other updates still in progress.

>> No.36  

Restart complete, up we go!

>> No.37  

There seems to be a filesystem issue, please stand by...

>> No.38  

May 3rd maintenance time:

18:00 MSK/UTC+3
23:00 CST
08:00 PDT
11:00 EDT
May 4th 00:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: less than 30 min.

>> No.39  

Jun 20th maintenance approximate starting time:

10:00 MSK/UTC+3
15:00 CST
16:00 JST/KST
00:00 PDT
03:00 EDT

The new wallet snapshot will be hot-tested, the downtime may last up to 4h.

>> No.40  

Aug 1st maint start:
14:00 MSK/UTC+3
19:00 CST
03:00 PST
06:00 EST
20:00 JST/KST

>> No.41  

Oct 1st maint start:
14:00 MSK/UTC+3
19:00 CST
04:00 PDT
07:00 EDT
20:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: within 4h.

>> No.42  

Dec 1st maint start:
14:00 MSK/UTC+3
19:00 CST
04:00 PDT
07:00 EDT
20:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: within 4h.

>> No.43  

An unplanned maintenance will take place on Mar 20th due to unexpected filesystem inconsistencies.
Approximate starting time (may begin earlier if normal pool operation is endangered):

14:00 MSK/UTC+3
19:00 CST
04:00 PDT
07:00 EDT
20:00 JST/KST

>> No.44  

Jul 1st maintenance start:
15:00 MSK/UTC+3
20:00 CST
05:00 PDT
08:00 EDT
21:00 JST/KST

Estimated downtime: within 3h.

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