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File: 1529596494906.jpg -(2035786 B, 3508x2244) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2035786 No.1   [Reply]

Pool's open to public, any feedback would be much appreciated!

>> No.2  


  • hopefully fixed profitability estimation dropping to zero;
  • this resulted in a slight payment delay, payouts resumed now.
>> No.4  

Mainenance scheduled on Jul 1st to address the following:

  • new wallet configuration and restart, hopefully resulting in less orphaned blocks;
  • minor stratum update.

Estimated downtime: less than 30 min.
Exact time to be announced on Jun 30th.

>> No.5  

Scheduled maint time:
Jul 1st, 16:00 MSK/UTC+3
21:00 CST
22:00 JST/KST
09:00 EDT, 06:00 PDT

>> No.6  

Restart complete, all systems nominal.

>> No.7  

We're currenntly investigating the issue with scheduled payments delay. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
Also applied workaround for the payments over 1200 ANI (AnimeCoin daemon did not return a proper RPC error).

>> No.8  

Downtime scheduled on Jul 15th to address the following:

  • powerline maintenance;
  • OS upgrades;
  • upstream engine updates.

Estimated downtime: around 1h
Exact time to be announced on Jul 14th.

>> No.9  

Scheduled maint time:
Jul 15th, 18:00 MSK/UTC+3
23:00 CST
00:00 Jul 16th JST/KST
11:00 EDT, 08:00 PDT

>> No.10  

If your sgminer does not receive stratum jobs, try enabling debug mode (D-D-Enter). It helped in my case.

>> No.11  

An unplanned 30min downtime happened due to software fault.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

We shall proceed with the scheduled downtime in 1.5h.

>> No.12  
File: 1531670672956.jpg -(631980 B, 715x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Maint status:

  • hardware maint: done;
  • engine and stratum updates: done, seems well so far!;
  • DB engine upgrade: done, seems well so far!;
  • work distribution and payouts functional, further tweaks will be run on-line.

Happy mining!

>> No.13  

API query limits relaxed, this should be enough for any realistic usage now.

>> No.14  

Wallet is restarting, please stand by for a few minutes...

>> No.15  

We're working on a web frontend today, which may result in occasional HTTP 500. Mining won't be affected.

>> No.16  
File: 1532542029493.jpg -(723743 B, 2444x1772) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

сап двач, я тян, пруфов не будет.

>> No.17  

A database engine problem led to an unexpected 1h+ downtime this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The source of the trouble is still being investigated.

>> No.18  
File: 1532852325595.png -(27450 B, 364x25) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

On a good side, due to us being a major part of ANI network, downtime results in a period of lower difficulty and increased profitability. Use it well!

>> No.19  

Fixed a bug where a wallet RPC timeout could lead to accidental double payment.

>> No.20  

Downtime scheduled on Aug 5th to address the following:

  • OS upgrades;
  • minor stratum improvements;
  • increasing wallet RPC timeouts so the payments taking reasonably long won't be treated as failed;
  • wallet configuration changes.

Estimated downtime: around 30 min + possible wallet restart at a later point (approx. 15 min).
Exact time to be announced on Aug 4th.

>> No.21  

Scheduled maint time:
Aug 5th, 18:00 MSK/UTC+3
23:00 CST
00:00 Aug 6th JST/KST
11:00 EDT, 08:00 PDT

>> No.22  

Maint work is done, we'll be monitoring wallet behaviour with the updated config and may perform a wallet restart later.
Happy mining!

>> No.23  

Wallet is restarting, please stand by...

>> No.24  

The wallet is restarting, please stand by.

>> No.25  

Quick server restart in progress, please wait warmly till it's ready~

>> No.26  

Stratum restart has been performed due to incorrect stats being reported.
Mining and payouts were not affected.

>> No.27  

Quick server restart, please stand by...

>> No.28  

Investigation on incorrect stats ongoing.
Stratum restart.

>> No.29  

And another.

>> No.30  

A few WAVI sent to testers that missed the orphaned block reward.

>> No.31  

Applied workaround for WAVI payout bug.
As for the stats, it seems the database connection times out due to overall system load, this should be relieved by the upcoming maint.
For now, a Q&D workaround is applied: stratum servers will restart every 1M shares. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

>> No.32  

Mining WAVI for a couple of hours and still no coins in stats. Will they appear when pool gets a block?

>> No.33  

Aye, very few workers = rare blocks.
After block solving, around 3.5h is required till the block is considered mature by WAVI network.
Then payout system comes into play, matured 'pending' coins move to the 'balance' regularly and once per hour 'balance' above 1.0 is paid out (those two schedules are independent).
Thus expect any WAVI no earlier than 4h after the next block is solved and accepted (orphaned blocks reset workers' share percentages).

>> No.34  

We just had a long unexpected downtime due to a hadware fault.
Very sorry about that, it came totally unexpected.

Funds are safe. Network diff should be low during the next hour or two as a compensation!

>> No.35  
File: 1535957053801.jpg -(203517 B, 844x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Performing reindex on WAVI wallet, please wait warmly...

>> No.36  

Wallet restart, please stand by for a few minutes...

>> No.37  

Yiimp somehow dropped auto_ready for ANI, which led to ~45m stratum unavalability. Blame tpruvot on that, but we have to apologize for this inconvenience regardless.

>> No.39  

Next maintenance plan (date TBA):

ANI wallet.dat grew pretty huge lately (over 200 MB!), likely because of all the extra key pairs. The RPC response kinda suffers.
We'll have to fix this sooner or later, the rough order of action would be:

  • maturing and paying out all due mining rewards (~80 min);
  • rebuilding wallet for a more portable db version (I wanted to do it for a while now);
  • (moving the leftonver funds around and) reimport main keypairs.

This likely got to be attended before the end of the month.

>> No.41  

Apparently auto_ready is dropped on an RPC error, which may be just a timeout, I'll try and catch this in the logs.
Applied a workaround for now, stratum should simply be restarted when this happens.

>> No.42  

Performed a restart after an ~1h unexpected downtime. Nothing bad was logged so i guess we'll need a better machine to run this server on soon enough.
A usual period of reduced difficulty follows!

>> No.43  

Apparently problem persists, a server restart will be performed later after some monitoring.

>> No.44  

Quick server restart right now!

>> No.45  

Turned out not so quick, however the faulty driver was eliminated and we should run smoother now.

>> No.47  

Server stopped responding, restarted just now.
Lower diff following.

>> No.48  

Fixed a bug that caused a payment delay (variable used before declaration).

>> No.49  

WAVI wallet failed to breathe and is being restarted.

>> No.50  

Server has been restarted, all systems nominal.

>> No.51  

A critical bug in a core system service has been revealed. While the pool service is not affected in any way for now, we'll perform an emergency server restart to fix it within the day.

>> No.52  

Emergency restart complete, apologies for any inconvenience it might cause.

>> No.53  

Stratum has been restarted due to a statistics glitch. Mining is unaffected.

>> No.54  

An unscheduled restart has been performed to fix a newly found security issue.
Funds are safe.

>> No.55  
File: 1543963326891.png -(1974237 B, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ANI wallet froze and is being restarted.
Please wait warmly until it is ready.

>> No.56  

The wallet is slow to respond and is being restarted once more.

>> No.57  

ANI wallet is being restarted, please stand by...

>> No.58  

Some code changes were performed online to improve stats keeping.

>> No.59  

An uplanned restart occured due to power failure!
Funds are safe.

>> No.60  

ANI wallet is being restarted, please stand by...

>> No.61  

A short power failure led to an unplanned restart, funds are safe.

>> No.62  

Recovered from a server problem resulting in about 2h downtime T_T

>> No.63  

An unplanned restart after a power failure, we'll be back in a few minutes...

>> No.64  

An emergency restart takes place due to server equipment failure. we apologize for any inconvenice this might cause.

>> No.65  

A disk failure occured, leading to a short downtime.
Operation is being resumed now, WAVI wallet may take a bit longer to come online.

>> No.66  

Powerline works ended, resuming operation.

>> No.67  

ANI wallet is restarting, please wait warmly...

>> No.68  

Issue resolved, apologies for the prolonged downtime.
WAVI will be up shortly.

>> No.69  

Wallet will be restarted now, it should take a few minutes to come back online.

>> No.70  

ANI wallet undergoes a restart, please wait warmly...

>> No.71  

Restart complete, sorry for making you wait!

>> No.72  

LBTC re-enabled (block database was corrupted).

>> No.73  

ANI wallet undergoes a restart, this should not take more than a few minutes.

>> No.74  

XMG is up, not tested yet.

>> No.75  

Server undergoes a quick restart for a hw fix.
Please wait warmly...

>> No.76  

Nice mining pool!
Nice support imageboard!
Nice default block-explorers!

I think, will be better to add ability to import private key, and transfer the mined coins, without downloading the blockchain.
I think, this is possible, by signing client-side, and broadcast raw-transaction to the nodes, through RPC-server, on the mining pool-node.

This can be something, like https://my.dogechain.info
but, I think, will be better to add this web-wallet, as standard, on the any yiimp-based pools, by adding the source code inside yiimp-engine.

Best regards

>> No.78  

Test failed.

This post still available, after deletion.

Password is 123456

Need to fix deletion of the posts by password.

>> No.79  

Pool experienced some downtime due to a hardware failure. We're sorry for inconvenience. Funds are safe.

>> No.80  

Worked for me, did you tick the checkbox near the post?

We're working on web wallet and simple exchange solution together with ANI team but since we can't dedicate much time to it it's going kinda slow.

>> No.81  

Can you add SatoriGold (XAU): https://miningpoolstats.stream/satoricoin
This have no premine, and have age 10 days, and blockchain height 2,687 blocks, right now.

>> No.82  

Sadly the branch of Yiimp we use does not support cryptonight.

I'm not sure what API this wallet uses, if it's bitcoin-incompatible like Monero that would require the amount of work to modify the pool software I cannot take right now.

If it was bitcoin-style that would only need new hashing functions for stratum, which is easier to consider.

>> No.83  

I see http://zergpool.com/ is yiimp-based pool, but there is already exist the coins with some cryptonight-based algorithms.

I think, there is no any problems to provide the compatibility with cryptonight-coins.
Anyway, you can do it, just for fun, and just for your free time.

>> No.84  

Yeah zerg has its own branch with custom features, closed-source it seems.
I'll try to modify stratum anyway after next maint.

>> No.85  

Due to an obsure yiimp bug, block confirmation stats were not properly updated for about 16 hours. We're fixing that now!

>> No.86  

Server's been unavailable for a day due to ISP issues. We're working on restoring the service ASAP.

>> No.87  

XMG disabled until further requests (very little demand, memory hungry wallet susceptible to random freezing).

>> No.88  

LTFN chain seems to experience stalls globally (not my fault!)

>> No.89  

Yescrypt wallets will be restarted now, please wait warmly...

>> No.90  

LTFN network seems to be on its last breath, I personally mined two last blocks and no new ones are coming for days.
It shall be considered for removal next maint.

>> No.91  

A corruption of LTFN block database was detected. Please wait warmly while the reindex is ongoing.

>> No.92  

LTFN will attempt an update at block 1858800. Mining will be disabled until it's sorted out.

>> No.93  

ANI wallet is down temporarily until a hardware glitch is resolved.
ETA: 4h.

>> No.94  

ANI wallet is down temporarily until a hardware glitch is resolved.
ETA: 8h.

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